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Use Of Coloured Smoke Bombs In Weddings Is A Major Trend: Study

As per a recent study, coloured wire pull smoke grenades are increasingly getting used in different occasions, especially wedding.

Weddings are no less than festive celebrations, which are cherished for lifetime. Hence, to make every moment memorable, people prefer to add a color splash in their photographs and make it a complete cinematic event.

This obsession for the use of coloured smoke bombs is popping around the world and people are looking for different tips, facts etc. regarding the proper use of the product.

Some of the sources suggest few of the best ways on how smoke bomb photography can be pulled off in wedding snaps and films. Here are some of them -

  1. Consult The Photographer

Before finalizing the ‘smoke bombs’ idea for your big day, you must always consult your photographer, as it requires special photography skills.

  1. Venue Permission

No matter, you are using the smoke bombs at the wedding venue or in an open area, you must get permission, in order to avoid any discrepancy.

  1. Buy More Smoke Bombs

If you are new to posing with smoke grenades, you must always purchase more amount of smoke bombs than what you think would be sufficient. It would take time for you to adjust with smoke or think of beautiful poses.

  1. Always Use It In Outdoors

Using smoke bombs in the interiors can be very suffocating. Hence, it is always advised to use it in the outdoors, where there be no risk of inhaling the smoke or getting stains on your clothes. The distance between the smoke nozzle and your hand should not be less than 2 meters, as otherwise it may stain your clothes even in the outdoors.

  1. Check The Wind Direction

Wind can become your biggest enemy while posing for your wedding snap in the outdoor. So, do check the direction of wind and accordingly pose for your photograph.

Everywhere around the world, people are using such tips to make sure that their wedding turns out to be a dreamlike affair. With increasing awareness about these colored smoke grenades, the trend will reach at its peak.

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